Multi-Year Lift Installations? – New England

During the 2018 offseason, lift construction has been proceeding at some mountains, while being delayed at others.


Snow Bowl Quad – Stratton     //     Black Triple Chair – Magic

The Black Chair at Magic Mountain in Vermont has plans to be replaced this summer by Stratton’s old Snow Bowl Quad, but it is now questionable whether this project will be completed in time. As of now, Magic has the Snow Bowl Quad on site, but the Black Chair is still standing due to late permitting. The $900,000 project is in the middle of the Vermont Act 250 process. If Magic is unable to obtain a permit soon, it will keep the Black Triple in service for another winter.

Ascutney Outdoors acquired a used 1987 Doppelmayr T-Bar last winter. The non-profit group has been stuck in the Vermont Act 250 permitting process for months now. The group now has to wait until August 27 to see if a hearing will be required in order to get a permit for the $100,000 project. It is currently unknown if this project will be finished for the 2018-19 ski season.


Old High Country Double  //  New High Country T-bar

Waterville Valley started construction on the new LST T-bar last fall, but has been delayed in the recent months. Waterville only has a few months out of the year when they can construct at elevation due to Bicknell’s Thrush bird restrictions. The High Country T-bar is still expected to open for the 2018-19 ski season, providing a faster lift that can operate on windier days.

At Bretton Woods, Stratton, Killington, and the Green Chair at Magic, all lift projects are scheduled to finish in time for this winter. Unfortunately, no new lifts will be installed in Maine this year.

8/17/18 UPDATE – The new Killington 6-pack will feature blue bubbles.

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