Big Sky 2025 in Action

One of the worlds most technologically advanced lifts is really beginning to take shape over in Montana. Teams from Doppelmayr, Big Sky Resort and Timberline Helicopters mad 71 trips to haul hundreds of thousands of pounds of steel up the mountain. After 6 and a half hours of work, the huge towers stood above everyone on site.

This addition is a huge jump in the American ski industry.  If you weren’t aware, this is the first eight-passenger chairlift in North America. Here are some more interesting facts about it:

  • The lift features the first Austrian-manufactured tapered towers in the U.S.
  • The tallest tower, number 6, reaches 73 feet into the sky, with 30 yards of concrete at its base.  The tube alone came in four sections designed to be carried by Black Hawk helicopters.
  • The first D-Line lift in all American skiing.
  • The only Doppelmayr direct drive lift in North America, increasing efficiency and decreasing noise.
  • It features a height-adjustable loading carpet to load small children safely.
  • The only fully-automated indoor carrier parking system in the USA.  It’s one button!
  • The largest display screen ever seen on the lift terminal (30 feet by 10 feet).
  • It has the brand new Doppelmayr Connect control system.
  • The chairs weigh 2,500 pounds, before even being loaded.
  • The first lift in the United States with auto-locking safety bars.

You can check out the action for yourself on Big Sky’s webcams, showing the construction from two different views.

This lift is truly an amazing piece of art. If you ever get a chance to ride it, do it.

All images credit Big Sky Resort.

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