Extreme Winds Destroy Sugarloaf Cell Tower

At this point, you’ve probably heard the news… On Monday, high summit winds bent the communication tower in half.

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For most Sugarloafers, one glace up to the summit and you could tell something wasn’t right. Monday night Sugarloaf released the following statement on Facebook:

“It’s been a pretty wild day on top of the mountain today, to say the least. A lot of you have probably seen these images going around this evening and we can confirm they’re real. This tower was blown over in a gust of wind earlier today.

Sugarloaf doesn’t own or operate any of the communication towers on our summit – we lease space out to various companies who manage a number of towers. We don’t use them in any operational capacity, so this shouldn’t affect mountain operations in any noticeable way.

It’s a good reminder though of how intense conditions on our summit can get sometimes, and why it’s always best to heed ski patrol closures on the summit at all times.” –Sugarloaf Facebook

To put the amount of wind into perspective, Mount Washington received a gust of 171 mph which is an all-time high for the month of February.

Sugarloaf was almost completely shut down due to wind on Monday.

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