Big Squaw to Enhance Beginner Area

This evening, Big Squaw, located in Greenville JCT, ME, announced plans to enhance their beginner area with a new conveyor lift for the 2020/2021 season.

The “magic carpet” will look similar to this one.

Big Squaw is currently under contract with Starlifts USA which is based in nearby Sunapee, NH. This project will cost around $75,000, and your support is highly appreciated by donating to the cause:

Donaher Triple  //  Credit:

The Donaher Triple was installed back in the summer of 1986. Big Squaw hasn’t replaced or gotten a new lift since then – 33 years ago! Big Squaw is upping their game and beginning to expand after financial issues throughout the last 15 years. We could see the summit section reopened with lift service within the next decade! But for now, enjoy the new beginner carpet and triple chair.

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