Snowmaking is a GO; Ski Season Nears

This morning at Sunday River, snowmakers took to the slopes firing up 124 guns on T2, Jim’s Whim, and all of Sunday Punch. They will continue to make snow for as long as possible as temps allow. “Our plans are the same as they are every year — we’ll open as early as we possibly can!” says Sunday River’s Mountain Report. Snowmaking this year is 15% greater than previous years thanks to the new river pipeline.

And as snowmaking is just beginning here, over at Killington plans are in place to open tomorrow (October 19th)! The North Ridge Triple is scheduled to open on Friday at 10am and on Saturday at 9. And if you don’t have a season pass here, day tickets will be $59 for adults, $45 for youths, and $50 for the seniors.

Snowmaking has also officially started at Vermont’s Mount Snow.

Snow is falling and lifts are (almost) spinning! What are you waiting for now?

Vermont’s Killington Fires up the Guns

Earlier today, Killington fired up their snow guns. Once again they are the first to make snow and will also be the first to open (if conditions allow).

Today.  Credit: Killington Resort

The North Ridge area is now the main focus for snowmaking as this will be the first area to open to the public. Superstar also has guns blowing preparation for the November World Cup races according to

Killington lift tickets are now on sale until October 18th. During this sale, you can save up to 45% on day passes. With a new lift from Leitner-Poma, trail improvements, RFID ticketing and more, it sounds like Killington is becoming an even bigger east coast premier resort.

Next up: Sunday River (if weather allows).

Multi-Year Lift Installations? – New England

During the 2018 offseason, lift construction has been proceeding at some mountains, while being delayed at others.


Snow Bowl Quad – Stratton     //     Black Triple Chair – Magic

The Black Chair at Magic Mountain in Vermont has plans to be replaced this summer by Stratton’s old Snow Bowl Quad, but it is now questionable whether this project will be completed in time. As of now, Magic has the Snow Bowl Quad on site, but the Black Chair is still standing due to late permitting. The $900,000 project is in the middle of the Vermont Act 250 process. If Magic is unable to obtain a permit soon, it will keep the Black Triple in service for another winter.

Ascutney Outdoors acquired a used 1987 Doppelmayr T-Bar last winter. The non-profit group has been stuck in the Vermont Act 250 permitting process for months now. The group now has to wait until August 27 to see if a hearing will be required in order to get a permit for the $100,000 project. It is currently unknown if this project will be finished for the 2018-19 ski season.


Old High Country Double  //  New High Country T-bar

Waterville Valley started construction on the new LST T-bar last fall, but has been delayed in the recent months. Waterville only has a few months out of the year when they can construct at elevation due to Bicknell’s Thrush bird restrictions. The High Country T-bar is still expected to open for the 2018-19 ski season, providing a faster lift that can operate on windier days.

At Bretton Woods, Stratton, Killington, and the Green Chair at Magic, all lift projects are scheduled to finish in time for this winter. Unfortunately, no new lifts will be installed in Maine this year.

8/17/18 UPDATE – The new Killington 6-pack will feature blue bubbles.

Ski Areas Operating this Weekend – 5/5 and 5/6


Sugarloaf Mountain // May 1st

Sugarloaf will be the only mountain in Maine opening this weekend. The SuperQuad chair will run from 8:30am to 3:50pm on both Saturday and Sunday. After this weekend, Sugarloaf will be closing down for the 2017-18 ski season.


All though I usually stick to Maine, over in Vermont three ski areas will operate this weekend.

Jay Peak has the Jet Triple and Bonaventure Quad open today and into the weekend. They originally planned to close after this weekend, but now have new plans. Jay Peak will be suspending all operations this upcoming week with plans to reopen next weekend (conditions permitting).

Killington is running the Superstar lift today and into the weekend. Their plan is to close Monday to Thursday and reopen Friday to Sunday as long as conditions allow.

Sugarbush will open for their final weekend Saturday. The Valley House Quad will spin from 9am to 5pm on both May 5th and 6th accessing limited terrain.

Get in those last runs!

Update: Jay Peak will not reopen for a final weekend on May 12th and 13th. Killington continues to open Friday to Sunday until the snow is gone.